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Genesis G70


The first model that wasn't preceded by a Hyundai Genesis, the Genesis G70 is the first truly all-Genesis vehicle. It holds a special place on the lineup because of that, but also because it's a terrific option in the compact 4-door executive sedan segment.

2020 G70

2019 G70


Genesis G80


Picking up where the original Hyundai Genesis left off, the G80 was the first model on the Genesis lineup. Originally branded as the second-generation Hyundai Genesis, this midsize 4-door executive sedan makes a great choice for any type of driver.

2019 G80


Genesis G90


While the G70 was the first brand-new Genesis model and the G80 picked up where the Hyundai Genesis left off, the G90 is a rebranded and redesigned Hyundai Equus. The full-size 4-door luxury car has plenty to offer in terms of space and premium features.

2019 G90