Good Afternoon Broadway Associates -

Here’s your fun fact for the day.  As I’m sure you have experienced during an internet search, a Google search will suggest or pre-load your search while typing.  I was confirming some information utilized below, when the following search suggestion “popped up”. “When did Wisconsin start ‘Jump Around’?  In case you are wondering, the song was first played during a homecoming game against Purdue in 1998.  The song is written by House of Pain. 

52 days since Governor Evers declared a State Health Emergency.  40 days into our Safer at Home Order.  Over three months since the word corona was not associated with a beer and a lime.

Like you, a bit of cabin fever has set in with our family.  With the beautiful weather this weekend mixed in with a bit of restlessness, assuming many of us enjoyed time outdoors.  A visit to your local garden center, family barbecue, walk on the trail, etc.  People are definitely moving around.

Our reminder to please be safe!

While Manitowoc county remains low, the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Brown County has jumped significantly last week and over the weekend.  The number of new cases in our area have accounted for nearly one-third of all new cases in the state.  Hopefully, we have peaked and the curve will flatten.

PLEASE continue to check your health and your individual surroundings.  First, your individual health.  If you are not feeling well, stay at home.  We are concerned about the health of you, your family, AND your peers working close to you.  In addition to your health, please review your surroundings.  If you have come in contact with an individual(s) that has tested positive with COVID-19, please contact your immediate supervisor to address the individual risk prior to coming to work. 

Please be mindful and smart.  Please do not place additional health risks or financial stress on your fellow team members.

Again, we would like thank your family members.  We understand the Broadway family begins at home.  We hope you enjoyed the awesome weather this weekend with your family.  Our goal is to keep both families safe.

One final thought, “Jump around”!

The Cuene's