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How to Stay Safe this Halloween in Green Bay, WI

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treaters and Drivers

Halloween is a very exciting time for kids. They get to dress up as their favorite characters and visit houses for different assortments of candy. However, Halloween can also be a stressful time for parents. What if the child gets hit by a car? What if it gets too dark out? There are ways to stay safe this Halloween. Here are some Halloween safety tips for trick or treaters and drivers.

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Staying Safe While Trick or Treating

One of the most important tips we can give any trick or treater is to walk safely when trick or treating. Drivers will be on the road no matter the time of year. There will be many people out on Halloween, and drivers may not see everyone in their path. Follow these safety precautions if you or your child is trick or treating this Halloween.

  • Stay in a group and in well-lit areas.Group of kids in Halloween costumes trick or treating
  • Always look both ways before crossing the road.
  • Cross only at corners. If it is a stoplight, cross when the walking signal is given.
  • Only walk on the sidewalk. If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic and stay as close to the left as you can. If you are in a group, follow one another rather than next to each other.
  • Watch for cars backing out or turning near you.
  • Teach your children to never run. Running reduces the amount of time drivers have to see your child coming.
  • Put away any distractions like phones, tablets, and toys.
  • Supervise your kids if they are under 12 years old.
  • The costume your child wears can affect how well a driver can see them. Use reflective tape or stickers on bags. Try to wear lighter colors and carry a flashlight or glow stick to help drivers see.
  • Use face paint rather than masks. Masks can keep your kids from seeing what’s around them.
  • Make sure the costume is the right size, so your kids don’t trip and fall.

If you are driving around Green Bay this Halloween, always remember to slow down and watch for kids trick or treating. For more tips and tricks like this, follow the Broadway Automotive blog! Happy Halloween!