Does my car have keyless entry?

Does my car have keyless entry?

Keyless entry vs Smart keys

Anytime you research vehicles, a lot of terms will get tossed around like “keyless entry”, “keyless ignition” or “smart key”, along with a load of brand-specific qualifiers. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what these terms even mean. Long story short, if you have a small keyfob remote control for your vehicle, you have keyless entry. Keep reading for more information on other new digital advances on vehicle entry and ignition.

What vehicles have keyless entry?Ford Focus push button start

In this day and age, most vehicles, at least when you get beyond the base trim, will provide a way for you to unlock your car without actually needing to insert a key into the door. Oftentimes these remote controls will also allow you to sound the car alarm (if available), pop the trunk, or flash the lights. While this feature is super-nice, it’s not quite as swanky as some other options out there.

The Smart Key and Keyless Ignition

High-end vehicles with plenty of digital technology will often offer even more advanced features. For example, the 2015 Ford Focus comes with both keyless ignition and Intelligent Access. That means that you don’t have to insert any keys or use any remotes to unlock your door. Instead, your vehicle will automatically unlock when you come near it. The Focus can also be started at the touch of a button in the presence of the Intelligent Key.

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Ford MyKey dashboard information

What is Ford MyKey?

Another extremely cool key feature on the Ford Focus and other Ford vehicles like the Ford Escape is Ford MyKey. This system allows you to program one of your keys with driving and cabin restrictions, like a speed limit and sound system volume restrictions. Whether you want to be sure that your teenage driver is paying attention to the road and avoiding accidents instead of blasting music, or you’re worried a valet will take your baby on a 100 mph joyride, with the Ford MyKey you have the ability to program some peace of mind.