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Front driver angle of a blue 2020 Ford Escape driving on a road

How Much Will the 2020 Ford Escape Cost?

2020 Ford Escape Trim Levels and MSRP

One of the most popular models on the Ford lineup is back for another year here at Broadway Automotive! The 2020 Ford Escape is a crossover SUV with a strong sense of adventure. With seating for up to five, four available powertrain configurations, a suite of safety features, and much more, there is an Escape for everyone. However, you may be interested in a 2020 Ford Escape but are on a budget. Here, we have laid out each of the available trim levels and starting MSRP so you have a better idea on who much the 2020 Ford Escape will cost. Read the rest of this entry >>

black 2018 ford f-150 towing orange ford trailer on highway

Which Ford Models Have 4-Wheel or All-Wheel Drive?

Sometimes, you need just a little more traction and power than two wheels. Ford understands this, which is why so many of the models in their lineup come with either all-wheel or 4-wheel drive. So, which models have which? We’ll show you which Ford models offer the available AWD and 4WD, right here!  Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Ford Escape parked in the country by a shop

[Gallery] Take a look through the various exterior color options available for the 2018 Ford Escape!

2018 Ford Escape Exterior Color Options

A longtime staple in the Ford lineup, the Ford Escape is a must-have SUV for commuters and families alike. Part of this versatile model’s appeal is its sporty good looks, which are highlighted by its ten exterior color options. Take a look at the 2018 Ford Escape exterior color options below! Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Ford Fusion Dual FM Radio reception System

New Dual Radio System from Ford Offers Clearer FM Sound

2017 Ford Fusion Dual FM Radio Reception System

Don’t you hate it when you are listening to a station on the radio and the sound starts going in and out? Or, even worse, you start picking up two different stations? Fortunately with the 2017 Ford Escape and 2017 Ford Fusion dual FM radio reception system drivers will be able to enjoy clear, refined sound on their new Ford vehicles. Read the rest of this entry >>

2017 Ford Escape Windshield Wiper De-Icer

New Windshield-Wiper De-Icer on the 2017 Escape!

2017 Ford Escape Windshield Wiper De-Icer

Remember when we talked about the 2016 Ford Focus RS winter tire package, and all the advantages that will offer to folk like  us in northern climates? Well, Ford is doing it again with a specialty de-icing technology that will be available on the new 2017 Ford Escape coming out later this spring. Keep reading to learn more about the new 2017 Ford Escape windshield wiper de-icer (say that five times fast!) and other technology on the new Escape. Read the rest of this entry >>