What Are the Best Parking Spots for a Packers Game?

What Are the Best Parking Spots for a Packers Game?

Lambeau Field Parking Options in Green Bay WI

If you have finally achieved your dream of getting tickets for a Green Bay Packers game, now is the time to think of all the other details that go into enjoying the game. And no, we don’t mean finding your cheesehead. If you are wondering about what are the best parking spots for a Packers game, keep reading to get the skinny on Lambeau Field and surround area parking options in Green Bay WI.

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bumper to bumper traffic on a highwayParking and Tailgating at Lambeau

Most official parking places at Lambeau Field (which also holds the excellent Packers Hall of Fame) are already sold to season ticket holders. Because the tickets and the parking passes can be sold separately, there isn’t usually much space in the lot for other folks to get in. Cost for parking is $40, but with scalping that can get more expensive very quickly. If you have a parking pass already, you can arrive up to four hours before the game for tailgating and fun. Be aware that some streets around Lambeau will be one-way on game day, so be prepared for driving confusion.

Yard Parking Around Lambeau Field

If you don’t have a parking pass, you can usually find a house near the stadium where people are allowing lawn and driverway parking. Fees for this range from $10 to $80, depending on how far away you are willing to park. Get to the area early and you should be able to park within a couple of blocks for $20-$30.

Free Street Parking

Going farther afield from the stadium, game attendees are able to enjoy free street parking. When it’s warmer this is a great, free option that allows you to easily leave the Lambeau Field area after the game. Just be sure to remember where you parked your car! In the winter, walking several blocks before and after the game may not be as fun.

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Parking and Bussing In

Another practical option is to not park near Lambeau Field at all. Many organizations (ranging from bars, to official touring companies, to church groups) will open up their parking lots and then help people bus to the stadium after the game. Select city buses also have special runs on Packer game weekends. Here are a few resources for bussing to Lambeau Field on Game Day:

Do you have another great parking resource or bus event for Green Bay Packers home games that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments!