2016 Ford Focus RS Winter Wheel and Tire Package Release Date

When Will the Ford Focus RS Winter Wheel and Tire Package Be Available?

2016 Ford Focus RS Winter Wheel and Tire Package Release Date

While the weather may be warming up a little bit here in Northeastern Wisconsin, that doesn’t meant that the ice and snow are completely gone from out lives. That’s just one reason that we are even more excited about the 2016 Ford Focus RS Winter Tire Package that will be hitting dealerships throughout North America later this spring. Keep reading to learn more about this great winter-weather option for this new performance vehicle.

Chevy Camaro PerformanceLike other performance vehicles like the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor, the 2016 Ford Focus RS is designed to meet the highest standards of performance, handling, and sheer power. The new performance Focus RS will come outfitted with a 350-horsepower 2.3-liter turbocharged engine and a new All-Whee-Drive with Dynamic Torque Vectoring system that promises to deliver on premium handling and traction in all driving situations. Drivers will even be able to select different modes for their driving of the 2016 Ford Focus RS: Normal, Sport, Track or Drift (use this one only on the track, folks!)

What Comes in the Ford Focus RS Winter Wheel and Tire Package?

With the new certified Winter Wheel and Tire Package, drivers will be able to use any of the driving modes on the 2016 Ford Focus RS no matter the weather, without losing traction and control. The Package will include new 18 x 7.5 inch wheels finished in sparkle silver to hide salt spray, and 225/40R18 Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 tire. The system will also include tire pressure monitoring sensors, and center caps. This combination offers excellent snow traction, and a smaller diameter to make adding chains easier in those major storm conditions.

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This package can be installed at certified Ford dealerships, and will cost $1,995. Contact Broadway Automotive today to learn about availability here in Green Bay, WI.

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