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Get to Know Clean Diesel

One of the newest trends in the automotive industry is the introduction of clean diesel vehicles. But what is a clean diesel vehicle? You might be surprised at how different they are from diesel vehicles of the past. But is a clean diesel right for you? Learn more about what these cars bring to the industry.

How Does a Clean Diesel Engine Work?

The first thing that should be noted is that clean diesel engines are a far cry from the images of black smoke emitting engines that many people associate with diesel. A clean diesel engine has a particulate filter that is able to keep many of the harmful emissions out of the air. Urea injection on clean diesel vehicles also helps greatly with emissions. Exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalyst reduction is a big part of what keeps clean diesels so “clean” as well. The result is an engine that offers the standard torque you might expect out of a diesel engine with fewer emissions.

More Torque, Fewer Emissions

Vehicles featuring clean diesel engines are an average of 18% more fuel efficient than regular gas consuming vehicles. And they are also much more powerful, as diesel engines typically offer very good low-end torque. The combination produces vehicles that are gaining a lot of ground in the industry as of late. As an added bonus, the clean diesel vehicles are much quieter than traditional diesel engines of the past.

Clean Diesel Vehicles in Green Bay

Here at Broadway Automotive, we are big fans of vehicles that are better for the environment. That’s why clean diesel vehicle have gained our full endorsement. Our selection of clean diesel vehicles in Green Bay WI is already pretty impressive, but we hope to continue to welcome new versions into our inventory as more become available in the market.

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