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2013 Ford Fiesta: Safety in a small package

By emarketing | Posted in Ford, Ford Fiesta, Vehicle Safety on Monday, February 18th, 2013 at 11:37 am

New Ford Fiesta in Green Bay

New Ford Fiesta in Green Bay

You can feel safe in the new Fiesta.

When you are looking for something in the small car lineup, safety is obviously a big concern. It makes sense, right? In theory, small cars would be less safe because there is less material surrounding the occupants. But Ford has shown this isn’t the case with the new Ford Fiesta in Green Bay. The 2013 Ford Fiesta recently achieved a 5-star rating for Adult Occupant Protection and achieved the highest overall score of 15.73 from a full 16 possible points.

A big reason the new Ford Fiesta in Green Bay is capable of such high standards of safety is that the car is built with safety in mind from design on through the entire process. The exterior of the Fiesta may look soft, but the inner shell is actually quite robust. The car contains high-strength steel throughout, which is the first line of protection for occupants in the incident of an accident. Of course, the car is also fitted with seven airbags, from front seat standard air bags to side-curtain, thorax and knee impact air bags.

The combination of the structure of the car and the advanced safety features it is equipped with make for a very safe vehicle. With the new Ford Fiesta in Green Bay, Ford has made a small car that other manufactures will attempt to keep up with in the safety game.

Even the backrests of the seats play into the intense safety regiment of the vehicle by offering whiplash protection. That’s why we say, the Fiesta is safe from the design process all the way to your driveway.

Drive a new Fiesta in Green Bay and let our professionals show you all the features that the car has to keep you and your passengers safe.


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