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Who are Chevy Spark consumers?

By emarketing | Posted in Chevy, Chevy Spark, News on Thursday, February 7th, 2013 at 11:46 am

New Chevy Spark in Green Bay

New Chevy Spark in Green Bay

Is the Chevy Spark for you?

So who are the people buying the Chevy Spark? Thanks to Chevy recently shedding some light on the numbers, we have a better idea of who is making the jump for the efficient and affordable Chevy option. Here at Broadway Automotive, we’ve seen some serious interest in the new Chevy Spark in Green Bay – which is why we found this information so interesting.

Interested Green Bay Chevy Spark consumers seem to be very similar to the national trends. The numbers show that 29% of Chevy Spark customers are under the age of 35. And more than half of them are new to the Chevy brand. More than half are also women – which is the highest percentage among the Chevy brand.

It’s interesting, since the Spark is just this year being unveiled to the full nation, appearing in all 50 states. We’ve had the new Chevy Spark in Green Bay for some time, so we’ve been able to show it off a little longer.

It makes sense why the Spark would do well here in Green Bay. If your commute includes just city driving, the car is ideal. By being able to zoom around the city and fit into small spaces, the Spark might just be the ideal city driving car on the market. And being that you’re going to get outstanding fuel efficiency while you’re driving in the city, it just makes sense to go for the new Chevy Spark in Green Bay.

The passenger and cargo room that excels above other small cars in the market makes the Spark a smart buy for people as well. So don’t feel like you have to fit a certain demographic – the Chevy Spark is really for everyone. See it in person and experience the difference here at Broadway Automotive!


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