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2013 Chevy Equinox in Green Bay, WI

If you looked up versatility in the dictionary, you might just find a picture of the 2013 Chevy Equinox in Green Bay, WI. With seating for five, great towing ability, and outstanding efficiency, the Equinox fits in as an ideal vehicle for many members of the population. The Equinox can tow up to 3,500 pounds, making it an ideal vehicle for those that enjoy the weekend getaways. Features like Trailer Sway Control make it a safe option in this field as well. And when you don’t need it to tow, the Equinox is an efficient commuter vehicle that gets up to 32 miles per gallon highway fuel efficiency. Add in the great storage space and it’s easy to see why so many consumers have gone for the 2013 Chevy Equinox in Green Bay. See it in person now at Broadway Automotive.

A Ride Like No Other

The 2013 Chevy Equinox in Green Bay, WI is capable of great things in the hauling and towing categories. But it shouldn’t be overlooked that the vehicle is also very comfortable. That outstanding balance means a great ride whether using the Equinox for work or play. And it’s not only the front passengers that find comfort in the vehicle as it provides 39.9 inches of legroom for rear passengers as well. So no matter where a person is seated, they are going to be comfortable. This can make all the difference for someone deciding which crossover to go with. But going with the 2013 Chevy Equinox is never going to be a bad choice.

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